about the egma

The foundation of the EUROPEAN GUITAR AND MANDOLIN ASSOCIATION (EGMA) on May 5th, 1996 in Rastatt found worldwide great interest of players of plucked instruments. The association, meanwhile consisting of 16 European nations (see members), cultivates friendly relations with partner organizations in Far East, in America and Australia just like in the countries of the former Eastern bloc.

The EGMA set herself great aims. At the basis of already existing European relations there shall be new possibilities for international exchange of experience and common further education, especially for young people who play plucked instruments.

To this exchange of international experience belong questions of education and further education for playing as a soloist or in a group are treated as well as questions about leading and conducting a group, not to forget the support of contemporara orogianl compositions for plucked instruments alone or in combination with other instruments. So it is planned to perform international competitions for different formations with plucked instruments, European festivals for music for and with plucked instruments, European competitions for composers and competitions for soloists.

Immediately after the foundation EGMA started to transfer the aims, that were written in the statute into practice. So there were already three meetings of the international committee of experts, to have a look at non published music for and with plucked instrument of the last 10 years and to judge the compositions. Numerous works were discovered worth being published and performed.

In 1998 the first European Music Festival for groups with Plucked Instruments was performed with great participation of the public in Friedrichshafen. Before the festival the great project European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra (EGMYO) was planned. This orchestra presented with the conductor Patrick van Netelbosch several first performances, that had been composed especially for this occasion by well-known composers. Up to now there were already a second an third working phase in Logroño, Spain (conductor was the Spanish guitar teacher Prof. Sergi Vicente from Barcelone) and in Ferrara/Canneviè in Italy (conductor was the well-known maestro Claudio Mandonico). There were very successful concerts in Haro, Teatro Bretòn and Logroño, Santa Maria de Palacio, in Spain and in Ferrara, Codigoro and Bologna in Italy.

In September 2000 there was also an international competition for soloist mandolinplayers, in honour of Raffaele Calace.

The further development of the youth activities depends a lot on a financial support of the European Commission.

EGMA can be regarded as an initiative of European layman musicians and as a contribution to better communication between the peoples. EGMA knows its limits. These limits are determined by the exclusively honorary work of the people and by the material resources