Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker e.V. (BDZ)

The Federation of German Plucked String Musicians (BDZ) is the specialist organization responsible for ensemble playing using plucked instruments.

It was founded in 1963 and unites about 14,000 amateur plucked string players from some 600 ensembles.

The BDZ carries on the century-old tradition of German plucked string music associations.

It is an umbrella organization divided into state branches, which operate on a regional basis.

Its aim is to stimulate people of all ages to take part actively in communal music making.

By organising and implementing music festivals and competitions, publishing specialist magazines and conducting further education both in musical and generally related matters, it provides the context in which people can exchange information and meet each other in all sorts of situations.

The society we live in is changing constantly, and we have to keep on asking and finding new answers to questions about how to attract and promote a coming generation of enthusiasts, and how to integrate these young players into the many facets of club life.

In its many contacts with other national music organizations and institutions, the BDZ strives to create a network connecting both the professional and amateur areas of music-making, and also to have a constructive and tangible influence on the opinion-making process.

BDZ Bundesgeschäftsstelle
 Theresa Brandt
 Postfach 13 20
 55003 Mainz