The "Union Grand-Duc Adolphe" (UGDA)

 The "Union Grand-Duc Adolphe" - commonly called UGDA - is the national federation of music, folklore and theatre of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a state-aproved organisation  commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to safeguard the interests of its members in the field of music, folklore and theatre at national and international level as described below. With well over 12.000 individual members grouped in the bosom of 302 affiliated associations, the UGDA plays an important role in the cultural sphere of the country.


At national level, the UGDA is commissioned to:
◾assist its member associations in their running;
◾organize events, competitions and concerts in the different branches which are represented in its bosom
  (choral and instrumental music, folklore, theatre);
◾favour encounters and exchanges between its member associations;
◾favour projects aimed at the youth in the fields of music, folklore and theatre;
◾promote the national music heritage and run its documentation centre.

At international level, the UGDA is commissioned to:
◾favour international relationships (press and foreign partners, European institutions and organizations);
◾assist its member associations in their activities abroad;
◾promote and organize projects with foreign partners in Luxembourg and abroad;
◾organize the annual sessions of the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra

The Music School of the UGDA

The Music School of the UGDA is an establishment of public utility which organises music courses throughout the entire country with the help of local authorities. It is responsible for dispensing a high quality, wide ranging musical education weekly at local and community level, to enable as many young people as possible to follow a general musical, instrumental and vocal training. This decentralisation of the courses at community level is also aimed at integrating youths from other countries in the social and cultural life of a community, and, on the other hand, to offer the possibility to a maximum number of youths to pursue enriching leisure activities and take part in local cultural life. In 2016, the School has been responsible for organizing courses in 61 communities, with over 5452 students enrolled and a staff of 198 teachers.

 Each year, the Music School of the UGDA also organises several vocational and advanced musical training courses which attract great numbers of young musicians from all over the country, but also from the bordering regions and the rest of Europe. Many of these youth exchanges are organised in close collaboration with the National Youth Service.


President: Martine Deprez

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