Nederlands Verbond van Mandoline-Orkesten (NVvMO)
The Dutch Association of Mandolin Orchestras, (Nederlands Verbond van Mandoline-Orkesten - NVvMO) was founded on July 13, 1947. The organisation is active nationwide and seeks to promote mandolin playing.
There are 47 NVvMO-affiliated orchestras and ensembles, together covering approximately 1,100 members.
The NVvMO provides support, advice and music education to orchestras as well as individual members.
During contests and festivals, players get together to discuss and exchange the latest developments in the field of mandolin music.

The NVvMO annually organises a meeting day accessible to music teachers, part leaders and board members.
Affiliated orchestras have access to the services provided by the NVvMO, i.e. the library and the music documentation centre.
In close cooperation with the Nederlands Mandoline Practicum, seminars are organised every year in various parts of the country. Participants pay attention to proper posture, tone formation and string touch technique for mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar and double bass.
The NVvMO cooperates with several schools of music and also holds musical instrument examinations.
The Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam and the Brabant Conservatory in Tilburg both offer a training course for teaching and performing mandolin musicians.

The Dutch Mandolin Youth Orchestra (NMJO) is active on the regional level. Four or five times a year mandolin players arrange a meeting led by conductor Benny Ludemann. The NMJO participates in annual musical events, such as music competitions and festivals and performs at special occasions.
The NVvMO periodical “Mandogita” is published 5 times a year and provides information on forthcoming activities, new (sheet) music and mandolin orchestras, CDs, etc. Dates of mandolin concerts to be held shortly at home and abroad are published in the agenda. Mandogita also contains reporting articles on recent concerts and contests.
The NVvMO is part of the national umbrella organisation for amateur music (LOAM), the sector music of the Institute for Amateur Art “Kunstfactor”.

The NVvMO has also joined the EGMA (European Guitar and Mandolin Association). Youth members annually participate in the EGMYO (European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra)



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Het Consort

The Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra Het Consort has gained praise and recognition for the carefully chosen and artistically played music during the fourteen years it has now existed. The ensemble has successfully taken part in several national and international contests and festivals, has played on the radio and gives concerts regularly. Besides combined concerts with foreign mandolin orchestras like the Langendorfer Mandolinenorchester from Germany (conducted by Eberhard Malitius) and the Tove Flensborg's Mandolinorkester from Denmark, Het Consort enjoyed participating in the jubilee concert of the Dutch mandolin orchestra 'Entre Nous' conducted by Henriëtte Gorthuis and played together with Het Amsterdam Mandoline Kamerorkest conducted by Carlo Malizia.

Regional Mandoline and Guitar Orchester (RMGO)