EGMYO 2011

11th Meeting of the European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra

The 11th meeting of the EGMYO took place from April 22nd to May 1st 2011 in Logroño (Spain).The meeting was organised by the European Guitar and Mandolin Association (EGMA) in cooperation with ConTrastes Rioja, Mr. Carlos Blanco Ruiz.

 music program

    ·         Carlos Blanco Ruiz: "Ouverture piece (UA)"
    ·         Joaquin Turina: "La Oración del torero"
    ·         Pedro Chamorro: "Villarejo Suite"
    ·         Oliver Kälberer: "Kali – Closing the Circle"
    ·         Takashi Kubota: "Tanzsuite No. 2"
    ·         probably one more which is not yet fixed

  The artistic lecturers were

    ·         Oliver Kälberer (conductor, Germany)
    ·         Caterina Lichtenberg, (1st mandolin, Germany)
    ·         Juan Carlos Munoz (2nd mandolin, Luxemburg)
    ·         Ugo Orlandi (mandola, Italy)
    ·         Carlos Blanco Ruiz (guitar, Spain)

Further information on furture EGMYO meetings can be optained by mailing to e-mail: concertino (at)