EGMYO 2009

9th meeting of the EGMYO in Savona/Italy from 4th to 13th April 2009


The 9th meeting of the European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra was held 4th – 13th April 2009 in Savona (Italy). The meeting was organised by the European Guitar and Mandolin Association (EGMA) in cooperation with the Federazione Mandolinistica Italiana (FMI) and the City of Savona. Savona (Italy).


Music program

  1. Eduardo Angulo: "Guitar Concerto"
  2. Oliver Kaelberer: "Udawálawe ... and the elephants keep rocking..."
  3. Dimitri Nicolau: "Simple Suite"
  4. Takashi Kubota: "Tanz Suite" Nr. 2 op. 21
  5. George Linus Cobb: "Russian Rag" 
  6. Carlos Blanco Ruiz: "Música en DO" 
  7. Kurt Schwaen: "Suite Concertante" for mandolin, guitar and mandolin & guitar orchestra


The artistic lectures were

  • Carlo Aonzo (conductor, Italy)
    Jeannette Haase (mandolin, Germany)
    Olga Dubowskaja (mandolin , Belarus)
    Carlo Blanco Ruiz (guitar, Spain)