EGMYO 2014

13th session of the European Guitar & Mandolin Youth Orchestra

Musical director: Philip Bride
July 3rd to 11th, 2014 in Marseille /France
European Cultural City in 2013
Organized by CMF,Marseille Mandolin Academy,
Marseille Conservatory and European Guitar and Mandolin Association

With financial support of Trekel Editions, Marseille City, Crédit Mutuel.

Registration conditions:
  • age being between 16 and 26 years
  • cost: 250 € full board, 150€ for Marseilles residents (catering & accommodation not included)
  • registration form including photo and short curriculum should be received latest April 2nd


  • Concerto in Bb per violino e mandolino by Antonio Vivaldi solo : Philip Bride (violin) & Gertrud Weyhofen (mandolin)
  • Serenata-Passacaglia by Ennio Morricone (original work in first french performance)
  • Serenata Erotica by Vincent Beer-Demander
  • Voyage à Kotrabland by Fabio Gallucci (first french performance)
  • Serenata by Dietrich Erdmann
  • First jazzy Impressions by Alexander Blettenberg (first french performance) solo : one musician from EGMYO
  • Estudiantina by Joaquin Turina (first french performance)
  • Sinfonietta n°1 by Hans Gal (1.Allegro con spirito)


Musical director: PHILIP BRIDE, conductor and violin player, leader of Ensemble Instrumental de France, Director of the Marseilles National Conservatory,  solo violin of Paris Chamber Orchestra.

GERMANY : Gertrud Weyhofen (mandolin 1) : mandolin teacher at Musikakademie Kassel (Germany)

FRANCE : Vincent Beer-Demander (mandolin 2, coordinator of the session): mandolin teacher at Marseilles Conservatory and at Marseilles Mandolin Academy, composer and member of the CMF plectrum committee.

ITALY : Fabio Gallucci (mandola) : mandolin teacher at Lunel-Montpellier Conservatory and performer.

SPAIN : Carlos Blanco Ruiz (guitar) : guitar and composition teacher at La Rioja Conservatory (Spain).

Further information

Jean-Paul Bazin
EGMYO manager