EGMYO 2006

6th meeting of the European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra (EGMYO)
in Patras / Greece from the 8th - 17th April 2006


The meeting was organised by the European Guitar and Mandolin Association (EGMA) in cooperation with the Plucked String Orchestra Municipality of Patras.

55 young people from 9 European Countries and Russia came together from the 8th -17th April 2006 to form the European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra.

Musical Program

Erik 't Hart: Wild at Heart (Netherlands)
* Robert Hagström: Patras-Suite (world premiere, Sweden)
* Michalis Travlos: Fading Memories (world premiere, Greece)
* Christopher Grafschmidt: Puzzlebaum (world premiere, Germany)
* Claudio Mandonico: Fantasia Bulgara (Italy)

The pieces by 't Hart, Hagström and Mandonico, were both mucially and technically very demanding and showed influenced of folk music.
The pieces by Travlos and Grafschmidt were written in a more contemporary „rocky“ style.
The piece "Fading Memories" was a concerto for guitar and orchestra, the solo part was performed by Vassilis Pournias.

The tutor team

Marco Ludemann (Netherlands, conductor)
Juan Carlos Muñoz (Luxemburg, 1st mandolins)
Mari Fe Pavón (Spain, 2nd mandolins)
Annemie Hermans (Netherlands, Mandolas)
Mirko Schrader (Germany, gutiar)