EGMYO 2005

The 5th Meeting of the European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra from March 21st to March 29th 2005 in Luxembourg

The EGMYO meeting in Luxembourg was organized by the UGDA in the frame of the EU-programme "Youth". which supports youth exchanges and youth encounters that provide young people with opportunities to discuss specific themes to learn more about each other’s cultures and countries. In our project, these themes were : music practice and musical culture of mandolin and guitar in the different represented countries.

More specifically, the group of participants discussed following themes:

Traditions of mandolin and guitar orchestra’s in the different European countries

Music education for mandolin and guitar in Europe

Future perspectives in Europe

Presentation of traditional music of the different European countries.

 Musical Program

Beyond the rainbow – Yasuo Kuwahara
Tombeau e danza – Mirko Schrader
Konzert für zwei Gitarren und Zupforchester – Hermann Ambrosius
Sadoc – Juan-Carlos Muñoz
Impressioni Orientali – Raffaele Calace
Por el Sur – Pedro Chamorro

The tutor team

Pedro Chamorro (Spain, conductor)
Juan Carlos Muñoz (Luxemburg, 1st mandolins)
Mari Fe Pavón (Spain, 2nd mandolins)
Annemie Hermans (Netherlands, Mandolas)
Mirko Schrader (Germany, gutiar)