CRITERIA for Awarding the Siegfried-Behrend-Medal

What is the idea behind the medal?
•    To recognize outstanding achievements on a European level
•    To establish an opportunity for EGMA to present itself to a broad public by means of awarding the medal

What are the critiera for awarding the medal?
1.    The medal can be awarded to individuals, ensembles/orchestras and organizations for exceptional commitment to the goals and objectives of EGMA

2.    Examples
a) Succesful initiative to found a national organization for plucked string instruments in a country where there has previously been no such organization

b) Extraordinary and sustainable commitment to intensifying and developing cooperation in the field of music for plucked string instruments on a European level

c) Special and effective activities to establish, spread and cultivate the playing of mandolin, plucked string instruments and guitar ensembles nationwide

d) Outstanding interpretations by individual mandolin players, mandolin and guitar ensembles/orchestras on an international level to increase the public appreciation and awareness of mandolin music

e) Special merit in promoting opportunities to study and further develop the academic study of mandolin on an international level

f) Innovative compositions of mandolin chamber music or plucked string orchestra music with high artistic standards

g) Outstanding research activities in the field of the history and literature of mandolin music as well as the study of the past and future development of plucked string orchestras

h) Innovative constructional ideas of luthiers to improve the sound quality of mandolins

How often is the medal awarded?
Awarding the Siegfried-Behrend-Medal shall be an expression of high appreciation. In order to ensure this high level of appreciation in the general public, the medal will be awarded only once a year.

Who determines the prize winners?
The executive committee of the EGMA shall determine who wins the award.
Members can propose candidates.