European Mandolin Academy

3rd EUMAG 2012 in Trossingen (Germany) 4. – 8. October, 2012

The 3rd EUMAG Academy 2012 was organised by the European Guitar and Mandolin Association (EGMA) in cooperation with the Bundes-akademie Trossingen. The topic was “American Mandolin” and “Brasilian Mandolin” and the integration of the classical guitar into this special genre of music. The aim was to create a forum to meet for musicians from different styles of music from “classical” to “popular”.

The tutors were

•  Caterina Lichtenberg (mandolin, artistic director), Germany
•  Mike Marshall (mandolin/guitar/fiddle/workshops], USA
•  Don Stiernberg (mandolin/guitar/workshops), USA
•  Thomas Fellow (guitar/workshops), Germany
•  Mirko Schrader (guitar/orchestra/ workshops), Germany

Course Contents:

•  Selected classical and contemporary chamber works
•  Basics for playing classical and popular music
•  Classical mandolin and guitar techniques and their transfer
   to popular music
•  Theoretical studies and practical exercises of improvisation or 
    chord changes
•  Songwriting and arrangement
•  Song accompaniment and accompanimental techniques
•  Percussion on guitar and mandolin
•  Rhythm, Chord Theory and chord symbols
•  The characteristics of styles like for example: blues & bluegrass,
   Jazz, Swing, Bepop or Chôro
•  Lectures (pictures and sound) on the historical mandolin
   development in North America as well as on Bluegrass, Blues
   and Jazz 
•  Group lessons and forum lessons
•  Ensemble playing and Orchestra playing
•  Informations about music sheets and literature
•  Selected mandolin and guitar makers show their instruments
•  Forum discussions with the tutors
•  Concerts
•  Jam sessions